About Me

Data makes the world go round.

I have worked in a variety of different industries including finance, government, real estate, universities, and now in growth marketing and specifically localization. Each industry has their own data needs and infrastructure, but ultimately data is data. The tools used to ETL and analyze can be used interchangeably depending on the task.

Let's talk with me.

My experience allows me to delve into interesting consulting projects and it’s usually what I do when I have some time to spare. I provide a free first consultation to help understand your data needs and provide insight on how I can help you.

When I’m not digging into, I’ll be with my family, usually in a unique part of the world.

Data Analyst and Engineer

Over a decade in data: from finance, to government, to Big Tech. I can help you with all your data needs!

Python / R
Tableau / PowerBI

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